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Cast List for Radium Girls

posted Feb 24, 2019, 6:44 PM by Mark Eberhard
I have worked the cast list so that everyone that auditioned could be in the show if they so chose, because I thought all of you were capable of making a positive contribution to the show.  The female roles, as always, have more competition, especially this year with a large number of senior girls, with 3-4 years experience, auditioning.  Most of the speaking roles appear in about 3 to 6 scenes in the show - a few characters a bit more.  For most of the underclassmen females, I am offering walk-on roles (non speaking) that appear in approximately 8-10 of the scenes in the show.   If you are willing to participate, we would love to have you. 

As with all auditions, the casting depends on many factors and though you may be a strong fit for a larger role in one show it is not uncommon to not be a great fit for a character in another show.  Please do not take these decision personal,  it is NOT a negative statement on your abilities.  It is NOT the size of the role that matters, it is what you do with your time on stage (large or small) that makes a difference in the quality of a show!

FIRST rehearsal is a complete read through for ALL cast members on Monday, February 25 starting at 3:00 in Eb's room.  The majority of actors will NOT need to attend rehearsal everyday, I will go over how to read the schedule on Monday.  

If for whatever reason you decide not to accept your role(s), please inform Eb sometime on Monday.

THANK YOU for auditioning!

Radium Girls Cast List