Extreme Weather and the Rehearsal Process

posted Jan 29, 2019, 4:13 PM by Mark Eberhard   [ updated Jan 29, 2019, 4:33 PM ]

We will lose our THIRD rehearsal in the last six school days due to extreme temperatures on Wednesday – there is a chance we may lose Thursday and/or Friday as well – thus our rehearsal schedule is in a state of flux!

 If we lose multiple rehearsals the end of this week and the weather finally clears on Friday ...

  • We may need to ADD a rehearsal on Saturday, February 2 from 10am-3pm
  • We will STILL hold the scheduled rehearsal on Sunday, February 3 from 11am-6 pm
  • On either Friday/Monday or Monday/Tuesday – which ever two days become our final half days for exams – we will have extended rehearsals from 12 noon – 8 or 9 pm (which is better than 10 or 11 pm)

 Please recall that at the parent meeting, the first student meeting, student auditions, and throughout the rehearsal process I have made it clear that students needed to keep the final two weeks of production free and clear or any unexpected events and changes – well this year we are pushing that to the max!

 These would not normally be my first choices, but it is the best way I can find time to make up for potentially 4-6 missed rehearsals in these final critical two weeks

 There are critical steps of development a show goes through in the final two weeks.  These steps are often slow and take time to work themselves out, every time you add something new (props, lights, costumes) a production will take few steps back before it can work forward again.   There just simply is NO quick fixes that can replace the organic process of tech weeks!