Sweeney Todd (School Edition)

Performance of Sweeney Todd
Thursday, February 07 IS A GO FOR TONIGHT!


Ticket also sold at the door!

Adults $15, Senior Citizens $10, Students $10
Special 1/2 OFF student tickets Thursday Night at the door!
Must have valid SCHS, MCHS, or College student ID

St. Clair High Theatre Policies at the Performance!
  • PLEASE be considerate of our audience members and leave young children at home!  
  • NO BABIES under any circumstances!
  • Copyright laws strictly prohibit the electronic recording (including video) of any part of this production.  Violators may be prosecuted!

Discounted Tickets Available Until Wednesday, February 06

posted Jan 31, 2019, 5:01 PM by Mark Eberhard

You may purchase advanced tickets for St. Clair High School's upcoming production of the Tony Award Winning musical - Sweeney Todd at a discount of $2.00 off per ticket until 11:59pm on Wednesday, February 06, 2019!  
  • This show is recommended for students that are 13 years or older!  
  • No children under 5 will be permitted into the show!  All persons must each have their own ticket!
  • Please be advised this show may be upsetting to younger children and children that are sensitive to blood.   
  • Please be advised that this show contains the display of blood, gunshots, and instances of violence

Please use the link below to access BookTix to buy your advanced tickets online!

Note: there is a charge of $0.75 per ticket for using the online service

Sweeney Todd is a challenging show and Stephen Sondheim is one the greatest writers in the theatre of all time --many high schools would not even attempt this show - but since our beginning in 1996 ... St. Clair High Theatre Troupe is always making an effort to challenge and stretch ourselves to grow as performers and artists ... please consider coming out and supporting our 23 year tradition of excellence in educational theatre ---- I can assure you that we are NOT your typical high school show -
I am confident you will find the quality of our production will exceed your expectations!
We have a strong track record to back it up!

UPDATES ON REHEARSAL as of Thursday 01/31 at 6:45pm

posted Jan 31, 2019, 3:46 PM by Mark Eberhard   [ updated Jan 31, 2019, 4:08 PM ]

Image result for show must go on
IF NOTHING changes, it looks like we will FINALLY have a half day for 3rd and 4th hour exams on Friday

Thus rehearsal will be from 12 noon until 8ish - we have lots of lost time to make up ... please eat lunch BEFORE coming to the PAC - dinner will be provided around 5:00-5:30 for those participating in the meal plan at the PAC

We will discuss adding Saturday at rehearsal on Friday - most likely will use Saturday for some rehearsal and serious finish work on set (students involved in band festival will be excused)

Sunday is still ON - starting at 11am until 5 or 6 pm - lunch will be provided with meal plan

Monday would then be are final half day for exams - rehearsal will again be 12 noon until 8ish -- again, please eat lunch BEFORE coming to the PAC -- again dinner will be served for those participating in the meal plan

Tuesday and Wednesday BOTH will be 3:15 pm until 9 ish - possibly longer depending a number of factors - PARENTS best to wait until your student calls to be picked up, I will typically have them call 30-45 minutes prior to pick up time ..

Pre-sale tickets available online until Wednesday, February 06 at 11:59 PM -- $2.00 off each ticket

Tickets online for Sweeney Todd = https://saints5613.booktix.com/

Extreme Weather and the Rehearsal Process

posted Jan 29, 2019, 4:13 PM by Mark Eberhard   [ updated Jan 29, 2019, 4:33 PM ]

We will lose our THIRD rehearsal in the last six school days due to extreme temperatures on Wednesday – there is a chance we may lose Thursday and/or Friday as well – thus our rehearsal schedule is in a state of flux!

 If we lose multiple rehearsals the end of this week and the weather finally clears on Friday ...

  • We may need to ADD a rehearsal on Saturday, February 2 from 10am-3pm
  • We will STILL hold the scheduled rehearsal on Sunday, February 3 from 11am-6 pm
  • On either Friday/Monday or Monday/Tuesday – which ever two days become our final half days for exams – we will have extended rehearsals from 12 noon – 8 or 9 pm (which is better than 10 or 11 pm)

 Please recall that at the parent meeting, the first student meeting, student auditions, and throughout the rehearsal process I have made it clear that students needed to keep the final two weeks of production free and clear or any unexpected events and changes – well this year we are pushing that to the max!

 These would not normally be my first choices, but it is the best way I can find time to make up for potentially 4-6 missed rehearsals in these final critical two weeks

 There are critical steps of development a show goes through in the final two weeks.  These steps are often slow and take time to work themselves out, every time you add something new (props, lights, costumes) a production will take few steps back before it can work forward again.   There just simply is NO quick fixes that can replace the organic process of tech weeks!

Cast Recording of Sweeney Todd (School Edition

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  • Click HERE to access the Google folder which contains the songs from the cast recording of Sweeney Todd (School Edition)

  • You MUST be logged into your EAST CHINA SCHOOL account to access the folder; this is for cast members ONLY!

  • You will need to download the songs to your computer that you wish to listen to ...

UPDATED Rehearsal Schedule for Sweeney Todd (01/06/19)

posted Nov 4, 2018, 5:01 PM by Mark Eberhard   [ updated Jan 6, 2019, 4:18 PM ]

This schedule was updated as of January 06, 2019!

Updated Rehearsal Schedule - Sweeney Todd

Cast List for Sweeney Todd

posted Oct 28, 2018, 8:24 AM by Mark Eberhard

Cast List - Sweeney Todd

Call Backs for Sweeney Todd

posted Oct 24, 2018, 8:51 AM by Mark Eberhard   [ updated Oct 24, 2018, 1:47 PM ]

  • There a  LIMITED number of people being asked to come to a call back on Friday 10/26 at 2:45 pm - you should be out not later than 4:00 PM (most even earlier) 
  • Please STOP and see Mr. Eb for pieces of music you need to prepare for the call back 
  • Reminder receiving a call back guarantees nothing, and not receiving a call back does not eliminate your from anything
FEMALES: Alison Child, Paige Holstine, Claire O'Neil, Peyton Ostin, Hannah Puente
  • All FIVE look at Mrs. Lovett pieces and duet Todd & Lovett on this post
  • All FIVE look at Beggar Woman piece on earlier post
  • All, except Allison, look at the Anthony, Johanna duet on this post 

MALES:  Mikey Brown, Nick McDermott, Tyler Warner  
  • Look at Judge and Beadle music on previous post and the duet for Judge and Todd on this post 

I have added THREE new songs - all duets for Friday call backs - open this post and scroll to the folder at the bottom - not required to memorize it, but you should be VERY FAMILIAR with the piece by Friday -- THANKS!

Music for Audition Songs

posted Oct 12, 2018, 6:39 PM by Mark Eberhard

Please click on the title of this post to open it .. then scroll to the bottom of the post to the file which contains the PDF for each audition song... 

Remember ... Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Sweeney Todd Auditions

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Sweeney Todd

Audition Packet for Sweeney Todd

posted Oct 9, 2018, 7:31 PM by Mark Eberhard   [ updated Oct 12, 2018, 6:56 PM ]

Audition Packet - Sweeney Todd

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